Poster Presentations

From a total of 40 submissions, 23 abstracts were selected for the poster presentation. The poster session is an hour-long session where all the participants will visit the posters. Following are the confirmed posters.

  1. Vaishali Lakhlani: Content Analysis on Teaching of Trigonometry
  2. Archana Shettye: Effectiveness of Blended Constructivist Pedagogy on Achievement in Mathematics of the Higher Secondary School Students of Goa State
  3. Supriya Waghmode: Polynomials
  4. Pooja Lokhande: Student’s Understanding About Integer Exponents
  5. Sreedevi Subhash Namboodiri: Storytelling and case-based teaching: Stories in Mathematics
  6. Needhi Neelesh Halarnkar and Ramaa Naik: NEP curriculum in mathematics at school and higher education level
  7. Sarita Yadav: Brief History of Abstract Mathematics