Third MTA Conference (online) 2021

Conference Theme: Rethinking Mathematics Education during the Pandemic: Insights from experience and the way forward.

Dates: September 3-5, 2021

Registered participants may join the Zoom Sessions

Participation in the conference is open to all MTA(I) members. For non-members, participation will be based on availability. We strongly encourage you to apply to become a member of the MTA(I). Click here to apply for membership.

The Mathematics Teachers’ Association (India) announces its Third Annual Conference (2021) during September 3–5, 2021. The conference will be held online and will focus on the theme of “Rethinking Mathematics Education during the Pandemic: Insights from experience and the way forward”.

The MTA (I) works towards improving the teaching and learning of mathematics and related areas at all levels – both inside and outside the formal educational system, in the whole of India. It also seeks to generate interest in mathematics among students through various activities and nurture mathematical talent. The Association extends a warm invitation to all mathematics teachers to participate in its third annual conference, to join MTA(I) and strengthen this effort.


We have three excellent keynote talks and one workshop lined up for the conference.

The conference will kick off on the evening of September 3 with a keynote lecture by Prof. Jill Adler. Jill is a Professor of Mathematics Education in the Wits School of Education and the 2017-2020 President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). She held the SARChI Mathematics Education Chair at the University from 2010-2019. Jill has spearheaded several large-scale teacher development projects, the most recent, within the Chair ambit, begun in 2009, is called the Wits Maths Connect Secondary project. This work builds on her research on teaching in multilingual classrooms and teacher professional development. Jill is a Visiting Professor of Mathematics Education at King’s College London, UK. She is the recipient of numerous awards, the most significant of which is the 2012 Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) Gold Medal for Science in the Service of Society, and the 2015 ICMI Hans Freudenthal medal in recognition of a major cumulative program of research.
The second talk is by Prof. Ken Ono who is a Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics at the University of Virginia. He works in number theory, especially in integer partitions, modular forms, Umbral moonshine, the Riemann Hypothesis and the fields of interest to Srinivasa Ramanujan. He is Chair of the Mathematics Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Honorary Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (Guwahati). He is actively involved in mentoring young mathematicians of all ages.
Prof. Mahan MJ is a mathematician at the TIFR, Mumbai and a monk of the Ramakrishna Order. He specializes in geometry and its sister subject – topology – also called rubber-sheet geometry. He is a recipient of the 2011 Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Mathematical Sciences and the Infosys Prize 2015 for Mathematical Sciences.


One of the goals of MTA(I) is to bring new resources to the attention of the teachers of mathematics. To this end there will be workshops on the use of technology in school and college education. We are especially excited to announce a workshop conducted by Philipp Legner, CEO and Developer of Mathigon on learning mathematics with virtual manipulatives (Mathigon) on 4th September.
There will be sessions where teachers will be invited to share their experiences during the past year: the challenges they faced and the steps or innovations they adopted to meet them. We shall also take up policy matters related to the pandemic as well as the new National Education Policy and how MTA(I) can serve as a voice of the teacher community on these issues.

We are also happy to announce a cultural programme by conference participants at the conclusion of the conference.

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3rd Sept, Friday
05:00 pm –
05:15 pm
Opening remarks
05:15 pm –
06:45 pm
Keynote lecture 1 followed by discussion: Jill Adler, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa      Opening & Keynote 1
4th Sept, Saturday
10:30 am –  12:00 pm Teacher’s Voices :

The challenges, efforts, and innovations Mathematics Teachers undertook to achieve successful teaching (For School Teachers)

12:15 pm – 01:45 pm Pedagogy and Technology in College Education during the Pandemic (For College Teachers)
03:15 pm – 04:45 pm Workshop on Digital technology and online resources
05:30 pm – 06:30 pm Keynote lecture 2 followed by discussion: Ken Ono, University of Virginia, USA      Keynote 2
5th Sept, Sunday
11:00 am –  12:30 pm Keynote lecture 3 followed by discussion: Mahan Mj, TIFR, Mumbai      Keynote 3
12:30 pm –   01:45 pm MTA General Body Meeting (Members ONLY)
03:00 pm –   04:30 pm Discussion: The pandemic and mathematics education

Reopening of schools and colleges, coping with reduced teaching in the past year, preparedness of students for college

04:30 pm –  05:30 pm Cultural programme and Group Picture




  • Amber Habib, Convener (Shiv Nadar University, Delhi)
  • Bhaba Sarma (IIT, Guwahati)
  • Harita Raval (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Jonaki Ghosh (Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi)
  • Jyoti Sethi (Mathematics Teacher, Delhi )
  • K. Subramaniam, (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Rashmi Prabha (SCERT, Bihar)
  • R. Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai)


  • Harita Raval, Convener (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Amber Habib (Shiv Nadar University, Delhi)
  • Anil Sankhwar (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Ashish Kumar Singh (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Govind Prasad (Mathematics teacher, Chanpatia, Bihar)
  • Manoj Nair (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Saurabh Thakur (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • Shweta Naik (HBCSE, Mumbai)
  • R. Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai)