IOQM 2022-2023

Updated on: Dec 19, 2022

Final list of selected students for INMO 2023

Below is the list of students selected for writing INMO 2023. The qualifying criterion (here) was that a student has to obtain a score of 30 or above. A total of 629 students had scores 30 or above. Of these 333 were from classes 8 to 11 and 296 from class 12. Since the upper limit of the number of selections for classes 8 to 11 is 500, all the students in classes 8 to 11 scoring 30 or above have been selected. This also means it includes all eligible girl students under Girls’ quota.

In class 12, a minimum of 5 students in each region were to be selected subject to the qualifying criteria of score being 30 or above. In regions where the number of students in the merit list was less than 5, additional students were added to the list in accordance with the selection criteria here.

Among the 12th-class students, a total of 136 were selected.

Download: INMO 2023 Final List

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IOQM 2022-23 Final Answers