Bulletin of MTA (I)

Blackboard Issues

Objectives of Blackboard, the Bulletin of MTA (I)

The aim of Blackboard, the Bulletin of MTA (I) is to promote interest in mathematics at various levels and to facilitate teachers in providing a well-rounded mathematical education to their students, in curricular as well as extra-curricular aspects.. The Bulletin will also serve as an interface between MTA (I) and the broad mathematical community.

While there are other publications with similar objectives, Blackboard is envisaged to be different in terms of coverage of material and diverse target readership – high school and college teachers to young researchers. We plan to publish regularly on the following topics and themes:

  • A variety of teaching initiatives

  • Articles connecting different stages of mathematics education and mathematical research

  • Expository articles on recent developments in mathematics

  • Classroom Practices

  • Work of Indian mathematicians

  • History of Mathematics

  • Problem Corner with puzzles, crosswords, cartoons, etc.

  • Book Reviews,

  • Information about useful online resources

  • Announcements of workshops, positions and other news items.

Initially, Blackboard will be brought out as an e-publication.

The Editorial Board of MTA(I) consists of:

      • Aekta Aggarwal (IIM Indore)
      • Anisa Chorwadwala (IISER Pune)
      • Sangeeta Gulati (Sanskriti School Delhi)
      • Neena Gupta (I.S.I. Kolkata)
      • Amber Habib (Shiv Nadar Univ Delhi)
      • S.Kesavan (Formerly IMSc Chennai)
      • Anupam Saikia (IIT Guwahati)
      • Shailesh Shirali (Rishi Valley School)
      • B. Sury (I.S.I. Bangalore) – Editor-in-chief
      • Geetha Venkataraman (Ambedkar University Delhi)
      • J. K. Verma (IIT Bombay).