Theme Session 2: College Mathematics

The pros and cons of undergraduate mathematics curricula will be discussed. Typically such discussions are confined to the content that is to be conveyed in the classroom and how it would be beneficial to students in terms of career options. Occasionally, pedagogy may be addressed, but this is quite rare for university education as compared to school education. Our speakers plan to raise a different set of issues, centered on a common concern for not just conveying content but supporting and inspiring students towards a life with mathematics. This may involve activities outside the classroom or the curriculum, or a fresh look at the curriculum itself, or even the willingness to place the student above the curriculum.

Amber Habib will analyse ideas about what needs to be included as mathematics education outside the confines of classrooms, exams and grading, but still runs close to the regular teaching. There will also be a discussion on how to carry out this activity seamlessly.

Fozia Qazi will talk about what it is like teaching mathematics on the back foot. In particular, she will discuss the key objectives she had in mind while starting an actuarial program at her university and the success of the program in light of the fact that she and her colleagues have to teach in a constant state of uncertainty, curfews and strikes where they are playing catch up with the content all the time.

Shobha Madan will take up examples of undergraduate curricula with a focus on the gap between what the planners hope for and the actual impact on students. What can we do to take care of individual students while pursuing a general plan?

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