Theme Session 3: Classroom experiences

The objective of this session is to highlight classroom experiences of mathematics teachers in schools and colleges.

Sadiya Rehman will discusses how students who perform similarly in class, especially high achievers in Mathematics, actually differ a lot when it comes to their Mathematical Identities.

Kanchana Suryakumar teaches in an Alternative School. She will talk about her experience of learning from detailed corrections of notebooks.

Sury will share the lessons learnt from his encounters with some extremely talented students in a Research Institute and with College students during refresher courses or talks. He talks about teaching of Problem
Solving, and the positive effects of this on students.

Vinayak Sholapurkar will talk of the opportunity he has had to interact with students on a wide variety of platforms: regular undergraduate and post graduate classes in his college, the MTTS programme, Olympiad programme, Foundation programme (for school students) at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, and so on. These experiences have helped him grow as a teacher, offering him moments of unadulterated pleasure. Comparing his undergraduate classes in college and MTTS classes helps him analyse teaching learning processes, student responses, their progress and self-learning. The talk illustrates classroom discussions, question – answering, inter-student dialogues. They may be highly rewarding or chaotic ! A brief mention of experiences in Mathematics Olympiad classes will be made as well.

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