Panel Discussion

Engaging every child in Mathematics: Realising the vision of Savitribai Phule

The dream of compulsory and entirely free school education for all children in independent India that was envisaged by the freedom movement and visionaries like Savitribai Phule has not been realised despite the enactment of the Right to Education Act. The change visualised for an enjoyable schooling for children by National Curricular Frameworks (NCF) has not translated into reality yet. Engaging every student in Mathematics is one of the biggest challenges of the universal school education in the country.

Needless to say, the state (central and state governments) has lot more to do for putting a robust education system in place meeting the challenges of quantity, quality and equality, where every child can have enjoyable learning experience and every teacher can perform to her best capabilities with dignity. Nevertheless, we, the mathematics teachers, too have a great responsibility in fulfiling the dream of quality universal education in the country.

In this session, we discuss curriculum and pedagogy of school mathematics and the best practices inside and outside the classroom to provide the child effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

The panellists will ponder on issues including:

  1. Present scenerio of mathematics curriculum and suggestions
  2. Making mathematics education more effective and inclusive
  3. Gender and language perspctives
  4. Engaging a very forward looking child in mathematics
  5. Role of informal initiatives for math activities outside the classroom

The presentation of the panel members will be followed by comments by the audience and question answers.

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