PRMO 2018 Results (Final)

NEW: RMO 2018: Registered students can now download their Admit Card.

NEW: RMO 2018 Registration is now open (Closes on 3rd October at 8pm)

NEWFor those regions where PRMO 2018 was held on September 23, 2018 the RMO 2018 will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2018. 

Click on the link to the region below to find the final list of candidates eligible for RMO 2018. All the discrepancies reported have been checked and necessary corrections have been made. The only changes are in the lists for North Bihar and South Bihar regions. Some errors of classification for these two regions have been corrected. As a result some candidates have been moved between these lists and some additional candidates have qualified. All candidates who had qualified as per the provisional list have also qualified in the final list. However candidates are advised to check both the lists for their Roll Number.

  • Any discrepancies reported have been checked and necessary corrections made. No further representations will be entertained and the results declared below are final.
  • All eligible candidates will have to register for the RMO 2018 examination.  Instructions about registration will be uploaded on Monday (24th September 2018).
  • Registration for RMO must be completed by 30th September 2018.

On the basis of performance in PRMO, up to 300 students from Classes 8,9,10,11 and up to 60 students from class 12 have been selected to participate in RMO from each of the regions other than KV and JNV. For KV and JNV the quota will be the top 5% of KV/JNV students who appeared for the PRMO 2018 exam from classes 8 – 11 and top 1% from class 12. All students who have the same score as the cutoff score for the region are considered eligible. A student who has scored less than 2 marks in the PRMO will not be eligible even if the respective regional quota is not filled.

A few complaints concerning the PRMO 2018 were received by the Mathematics Teachers’ Association (MTA). Each of these complaints was investigated. Some complaints were regarding disruption of the exam at some Centres. Several of these complaints did not merit any corrective action. Some of the complaints regarding disruption of the exam were found to have merit, and to have led to mild disruption in the exam. They have been addressed by lowering the cut-off by 2 marks for all the candidates who appeared for PRMO 2018 at such centres.

The PRMO re-exam will be held in all centres in Kerala region, in 2 centres in Kodagu, Karnataka and in 1 centre, Uttarakhand on 23rd Sep 2018. The list candidates appearing from these centres eligible to write the RMO will be announced later. The eligibility cut-off for Karnataka, Uttarakhand, KV and JNV regions will be retained for the re-exam, while the cut-off for Kerala will be determined on the basis of the re-exam scores. Instructions regarding the RMO exam for eligible candidates from these centres will be communicated later.

Candidates can check their questionwise score at the this link:

Region Roll numbers of the qualified students
Andhra Pradesh Class 8-11 Class 12
Assam Class 8-11 Class 12
Chhattisgarh Class 8-11 Class 12
Delhi Class 8-11 Class 12
Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli Class 8-11 Class 12
Jammu Class 8-11 Class 12
Jharkhand Class 8-11 Class 12
Karnataka Class 8-11 Class 12
Kashmir Class 8-11 Class 12
KVS Class 8-11 Class 12
Madhya Pradesh Class 8-11 Class 12
Maharashtra and Goa Class 8-11 Class 12
Meghalaya Class 8-11 Class 12
Mumbai Class 8-11 Class 12
North Bihar Class 8-11 Class 12
NVS Class 8-11 Class 12
Odisha Class 8-11 Class 12
Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh Class 8-11 Class 12
Rajasthan Class 8-11 Class 12
Sikkim Class 8-11 Class 12
South Bihar Class 8-11 Class 12
Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Class 8-11 Class 12
Telangana Class 8-11 Class 12
Tripura Class 8-11 Class 12
Uttar Pradesh Class 8-11 Class 12
Uttarakhand Class 8-11 Class 12
West Bengal Class 8-11 Class 12