Theme Session 1 : School Mathematics

A list of challenges in Math and Math Education is endless, thanks to the all pervading nature of the subject.

Seemingly disparate fields of mathematics have often, over time, become connected in surprising ways.  How do we plan a content to ‘cover’ every aspect that is influenced by math?

Does math anxiety lead to lower performance, or does difficulty in learning math lead to anxiety? How do we deal with the mindset of the learner ?

Problem solving and problem posing are the ultimate aims of math.  How do we train the teachers to realize these goals?   How do teachers promote divergent thinking and creativity in the learners?

The societal influence exerted by the ‘activists’, politicians and others, full of divergent perspectives, have to be addressed.  Where do we get the time and scope?

And finally, how about the resources, human and material?   How much can we, should we and do we depend on technology?


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